Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey guys! It's Elisha...better known to you as "The Mr." I'm so honered to be able to guest blog for Pie N' the Sky and the wonderful, sweet, and talented Melisa.

I recentley returned from a fun filled weekend with Melisa and what will one day be the "inlaws". We ate, enjoyed the finale of Lost, shot a few guns (like good constitutional Americans), lounged and ate some more. Here are few pictures of my time in Houston with the girlfriend.

My first "Shawarma". If you haven't ridden that train you need to get on's like a Mediterranean fajita!

Enjoying some sushi at "Todai"

Real Women shoot guns... and knit!
I REALLY like bubble tea
Cute couple
Just wanted to give you a look at our weekend together. Unfortunatley I had to make the trek back to DFW leaving the girl to fend for herself in Houston...but good news we'll be seeing each other next weekend.

Although I'd love to be able to leave it at that my unique opportunity to be your guest blogger leaves me with a sense of responsibilty to share something I continue to learn and was reminded of this weekend. Here it goes...if this weekend showed me anything it's that relationships are so much about giving. Now because you're light years ahead of me in your knowledge of how this whole thing needs to work you already knew this, but if I could remind you...don't ever stop giving in your relationships (romantic, family or friend relationships). Don't stop giving attention, or time, or affection or even gifts. I think some of the happiest relationships are those people who have learned to be constant givers. I'm not sure how many male readers we have here, but it's never about how many dinners you buy or puppies you give (well for some girls it is) but simply that you continue to give. If you learn to be a giver in
your relationships, I can promise health and great return on those investments.

Thanks for the opportunity to be here with you today guys.

Hope you have a great day!


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