I feel so full of joy. I had a pretty simple day, but after an amazing Sunday service; I began my day with 
inspiration and the need to dream. I love days like this. I worked on some lovelies and am proud to say that I finished much more than I had anticipated and will now be moving my update to TUESDAY. I can't wait. It's primarily necklaces, but there are several new concepts that I think are just enchanting and can't wait to share with you. I will be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow afternoon {so it's still not too late!!}Oh! And the best part of my day... ordering a Liberty of London quilt!! EEE! I can hardly contain myself. I'm kind of in love with LoL prints. They're just so... pretty. Tomorrow I must must finish my research paper for school. I actually get to write about something that's very near to my heart and has actually been quite an inspiring subject! Maybe i'll share some with you...

Okay, sleep pretty.
xoxo. Melisa