Hi Again.

So I woke up Wednesday and decided to pack up and go visit Elisha. I have allowed myself a "brain break" ie nothing but fun^_^ Most of our fun included movies, shopping, antique-ing, swimming, tv watching and fun dates! We found a sweet bubble tea shop, which made some of the best coconut bubble teas....

I'm actually trying to learn how to make my very own bubble tea. I have the recipe, but I need to buy some pearls {bubbles}.  And I need to gain the courage to attempt! We also found a shawarma spot, but unfortunately it wasn't as good as the stuff we're used to. And as far as antique-ing went, I fell in love! There were so many pretties, and I came out with some pretty good buys. I can't wait to start on my next update!! I have so many new ideas and sections I want to add, excited to share with you all^_^
We're going on another date tonight and then i'm off to Austin in the morning to visit the sister! Which no doubt will  lead to many adventures. 
So long for now. 
xoxoxoo. Melisa