Wide Open Fields {Guest Blogger #2}

Hey there again guys it's Elisha. Hope your summer is
off to a great start.

I'm currently writing you from a Texas Rangers game with
some friends, soakin in summer in the "true American spirit."

As I look out on the (baseball) field I wonder what it is
about large expanses of open land that causes the mind
to become so pensive. Is it the possibility of what could
be that lays before the eyes? Is it the emptiness that causes
us to wonder what use to be?

As of late my life has been in a state of (major) transition
and I find few things to be static during this season. One
thing I do know to be true is that my faith and friends/family
have played such a huge role.

Tonights game, the roar of conversation and fanfare around
me, along with this 'wide open field' has brought me to a
place of evauluation. Where is my life heading? What can I
expect of the future and my ability to impact the world?
What does family look like for me? What do I want out of my
time of transition?
It's not just the giant green lawn that has brought about
thought...I think I've always been this way. It oft puts things
into perspective for me. The large against the small, possibility
against the creativity, the ability to wonder and dream. And as
I ramble FINALLY an example comes to mind...but it's the
same wonder and interest a child can look at the sky with. It's
the limitless vastness that lay before us....tonight it takes
form in the shape of a baseball field.

I know these thoughts are a bit scattered but writing on
your iphone during Americas past time with a heat index
of 101 is no easy task. I leave you with this... If ever you
find yourself before 'wide open fields' take a minute and
evalute the world around you, your life, and where you're
headed. May sound a bit clichè but dream a little. You'd
be amazed to see the what ideas the kid inside has.

Until next time,