Well I have been a busy lady let me tell you! I made 6 new pieces tonight. And not just like little pretties, but substantial lovely pretties! And I did SO much schoolwork! AND I went with my stepmom to go see "Letters to Juliet," You're probably saying, "where do you find the time?" I'm not sure either, but I know that I felt very productive. Now back to you. How was your day? Eventful? I hope so. 

So I know I keep talking about it, but I am reeeally excited about this giveaway! And I'm even more excited about everyones favorite summer treats! I haven't ever even heard of some, and overall they sound so very yummy^_^ Maybe this summer I will attempt to try every one of the treats you guys mention. That would be a fun adventure. Mostly cause I like food:) My favorite summer treat is vanilla ice cream with cantaloupe {but you have to put it in the freezer for about an hour so it freezes.} Ugh! It's 
delicious:) And of course there is nothing like a bubble tea...

xo. Melisa