Catch Up.

I believe this is the longest i've ever been away from you! It's good to be back though:) I figured since I did so much while I was away, we could play catch up and I could show you my birthday through pictures!!

The mister surprised me and took me to the aquarium!! I really like animals and I couldn't have been happier. Then we had lunch at this cute little place that provided us with the largest amount of food ever! He bought me new moccasins and took me to take photos at a photo-booth! And of course the day would not have been complete with a little fro-yo. It was a pretty fantastic day and I still can't believe how old i've gotten! I have mixed feelings about this growing old business... I'll share some more about my wedding trip later. Glad to be back. Hope your week was as exciting as mine!!

xo. Melisa