Tut Tut.

This week I was really really looking forward to laying out by the pool and studying/reading/getting a sweet tan. However, Hurricane Alex had to ruin it:( It's supposed to rain all week long. Maybe it'll bring some inspiration??

{images via weheartit}
Yes, yes I believe the rain is now an inspiration. Here's a little piece of who I am... I am so scared of thunder. Maybe scared isn't the right word, but it's hard to explain. ha. Thunder and lightning always remind me of God. I'm reminded of how big He is and in the grandeur of who He is, I feel so small. It intimidates me I think. Okay it makes me nervous, there! haha! But I really like getting a big blanket, curling up on the couch and knitting during a good thunderstorm^_^ as long as someone's with me...
I hope you have a lovely night. Dream Sweet. 
xoxoxoo. Melisa.