DIY: Pom Love

I haven't done a DIY in quite sometime, so I decided to document one that I'm actually creating for my room. I will soon be moving into my dorm room and I wanted to add a little extra something to make it feel like home. I love love poms! I think they're pretty and they're fun to make too :) 

Tissue paper {at least 8 sheets}
Fishing wire / thread

Step 1. Gather your sheets of tissue paper. They should be longer than they are wide. Any size will do... the bigger the paper, the bigger the pom {obviously}

Step 2: Begin to fold up your paper like an accordion. It should be about an inch long fold...

Step 3: Fold your paper in half. Cut the ends into points or round them. Then take your wire and fold it over the center portion, use your scissors to tighten the end of the wire around itself.

Step 4: Slowly begin to pull out each tissue layer one by one and pull them to the center {where the wire is} Continue to do this until you have a ball shape.

Step 5: Voila!! You have yourself a pom! You can now tie your fishing wire or thread to the wire, so that it can be hung :)

This is a picture of what your poms will look like once hung... I would show you mine, but I haven't moved into my dorm yet... This is a photo from PomLove's shop. I think these are just wonderful. I love the colors!! 

I'll show you how mine turn out when I give you a home tour:) Until then, enjoy these lovelies. Please feel free to share your comments and pictures of how your poms turn out! 

Night. Melisa