In my Purse

I'm jumpin on the blogwagon and sharing what's inside my purse! This is the first time of done this, so don't be too hard on me... It's actually significantly tidier than it used to be :)

1. Sunglasses and sunglasses! I like options:)
2. Way too many keys
3. Yummy flavored lipgloss; including my favorite m.a.c. lipgloss
4. Sharpie pen/Cupcake pen
5. Wasabi tape, because it's necessary
6. My new baby! This camera takes up like half my purse!! I'm still working on getting used to it.
7. My coin purse that serves as my wallet
8. Tissue
9. My Liberty of London little idea book
10. Lovely smelling lotion. MMM:)

And that's that! A little peek into my purse :)
xo. Melisa