The Mr.

I've decided to feature different people in my life in a special post. This way, when I refer to these people in my posts, you'll know who I'm talking about! 
First up is the Mr. Now, I mention him quite a bit and he's even been a guest blogger here. I just wanted to give you a little bit of a background about who he is and why he's just so wonderful:) 
Let's begin with his real name; Elisha. I met Elisha in high school and was simply smitten at first sight. We grew up in church together and we were able to become friends before we actually started dating. We have now been together for five whole years! So what makes this guy so special? Well, he's Elisha... he's  funny and sweet, smart and gifted, cute and kind, and pretty much what every girl hopes to find in a man. I'm a lucky lady. He is a gifted speaker and has tremendous talent in graphic design. In fact, he made my blog banner! He's the best. I love that he's creative like me, because we can cheer each other on in our endeavors. He inspires me. We're kind of completely opposite, and yet totally the same! ha. What I love most is that where I lack, he more than makes up for and visa versa. God's good like that. 
So, that's my Mr... He's pretty great.
I'm pretty sure every single girl out there should and will one day find someone who understands and loves her for who she is:) 

xo. Melisa