Give Thanks!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a day full of love and were surrounded by family and friends. This year was a bit different for me. I didn't go home, so I stayed here and spent it with my Mr. It was random and fun and included: a trip to West 7th Movie Tavern, a Skype date with my papa and stepmom (who are in Paris),  phone calls with my brother, sister and mom, a nap, ice cream, and tv watching. I was pleased.
So, for whatever reason I decided lastnight that I would be partaking in Black Friday. eee! It was nuts! I mostly just went for fun, I wasn't all seriously into it, but there were quite a few who were. I managed to make it out with a bunch of DVD's and pretty chenille blanket. I love blankets^_^
Here are some pretty photos...

Now, are you ready for some exciting news?? Tonight, fingers crossed, I will be having my Fall Update!! I know I haven't mentioned it much lately, but I've been trying to get as much done as possible, but I think it's ready!! I'll be posting here once I've updated it:) AND in honor of Black Friday, everyone who purchases today will receive a special gift!!

xo. Melisa