Wow, I am so sleepy. I had quite the long day and I know I promised a full update, but I think it's going to have to be a half update : /
I'll finish it by Monday, promise! But I managed to post about twenty items, you should go take a peek! I also had the most perfect day. I got to take photos for a friend and her beautiful family. I'll share some of the shots soon. I also discovered the most perfect little antique shop! It's been in my backyard this whole time and I never knew about it! I fell in love instantly. I made friends with the nice ladies who checked me out and we started to discuss  crafting and etsy businesses. Turns out they knew my shop! I felt so humbled and happy^_^ Life is sweet. Hope you had a delightful day. I will be busy working this weekend, so I may not have much to share, but I'll be sure to come back with lots of photos and happy news.

xo. Melisa