Collections: Cameras

The first collection I'd like to share with you is my camera collection. It's fairly small compared to others i've seen, but I have some good ones^_^

My Mr. gifted me this Diana last year for my birthday. I love love it and the color is exquisite. I've yet to develop my film, but plan to very soon!
I bought this Holga as a reward for completing a pretty big project last year. I love Holga and the photos look great. It takes awhile to get used to, but I definitely suggest it to anyone who's interested. OH and now they have a bunch of pretty new colors.
I got this ammaziiing camera from my brother's girlfriend for Christmas and I LOVE it!! I had been wanting one for a reeeally long time and I was ecstatic when I unwrapped the box^_^ It's perfect and if you don't have one you should definitely get one!
I bought this polaroid camera when I was about 14. I fell in love and used up all of my allowance on film. I was so sad when they discontinued the film and now I just enjoy looking at it. It really sparked my love for cameras^_^
I purchased this beauty this summer after a long debate as to whether or not I would buy an SLR or something a bit less pricey. I opted for this Sony camera after I saw how it shot and how great the quality was {the price wasn't half bad either}. I plan to get an SLR once I have more time to actually enjoy using it to it's fullest potential; most likely after graduation.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first collection. For those of you who are interested, I tend to use my Sony camera for most of my shots used for the blog. I also like to use my nifty iPhone for simple on the go shots. However, I tend to carry both my Sony and Instax with me at all times; which makes my purse a joy to carry. ha. What are some of your favorite cameras to use? Any that I should add to my collection?

xo. Melisa