Project 365: Week Two and Three

Well, I have not posted the last TWO weeks of Project 365. tsk tsk. I figured I'd share both weeks in one post...
I bought my first vacuum. It's so cute and small!
I made my final drive for the Christmas break.
It snowed! The first snow I saw this Winter.
My devotional is wonderful. Streams in the Desert.
The first day of my senior year!!
I bought my first pair of drumsticks.
I went to my favorite place in Waxahachie. Antique Mall.

I bought lots of pretty new fabrics for the shop.
Pie N' the Sky reached 100 followers!
I went to a comedy night with best friends.
The Mr. bought me Girl Scout Cookies^_^
I went to a day spa. massage, facial, wrap.
I started my job!
I made chapel worship again!

All in all, this month has been pretty busy and very exciting! I can't wait to continue this project and I promise to update every week! Have you signed up for the giveaway below?? You should, it's some pretty wonderful stuff!

xo. Melisa