Room Makeover

So for the last week I've been trying to make my disaster of a room into a nice little home. When I came back from my winter break it was kind of in shambles, as you can see in the picture below. I thought it would be fun to show you what I've done so far and maybe spur on some inspiration for your own room or home^_^

This is my room pre-makeover. I tried to find one with everything actually in order, before I actually moved out, but this was the only one that got the whole room. I'd also like to add that I moved all of this furniture by myself! It was exhausting, but I was pretty proud of myself...

This is my desk area. Above my desk I've created my inspiration wall, which I will continue to add on to as the weeks go by. It helps me focus when creating and not focus when I need to work. hehe. It's a good thing I do most of my homework sitting on my bed.

Usually these rooms are meant for two people, but I have been blessed to have my own room for the last two semesters! I love it. SO I have two of each of my furniture pieces. The wardrobes are pretty giant and usually just take up an entire wall, but this semester I thought it would be fun to create a walk in closet of sorts. It's working out just lovely. I also added some pretty poms above it to give it a little flare.

I didn't change my bed too much, just the direction that it's facing. I love love my Liberty of London quilt! And I really like having tons of blankets so my little trunk turned nightstand works great for storing all of them^_^

Everything is still pretty simple for the most part. I still have one more wall that I've yet to take pictures of because it's not quite finished, but I'll be sure to show you once it's done! It's actually my favorite part of the room. Do you have any suggestions on room decor? I love adding little decorations here and there; it makes it more home-y to me.

Hope you're having a lovely Friday!!

xo. Melisa