Sponsor: Oh Happy Day

I'd like to introduce you to the beautiful Adrienne Holguin!

Hola! My name's Adrienne Holguin. I have a boyfriend named Phil--he's a handsome ticket broker, two beautiful cats named Reni and Madison--they're fluffy and lazy, and Austin, TX is where I call home--for the past four years. I also have the fortune of calling this lovely lady my sister.

I'm the face behind Oh Happy Day. I started my blog after I realized I hadn't written anything in four years. I graduated with a journalism degree, but fate took me in the opposite direction in careers. I became a manager for a retail store, and though I love my job--as difficult as it may be at times--I really missed having a reason to write. Not only is my blog an outlet for me, but I also try to shine a little light on the days of the people that read it. I try to show just how far looking on the bright side of things can get you. Enjoy reading!

Thank you Adrienne!! If you haven't already please be sure to check out her lovely and uplifting blog^_^

xo. Melisa