Will Work To Go

A very talented photographer and friend of mine, Shannon Varis, has embarked on a project with Travis Oberg {a wonderful musician} to go to the Philippines. They will be working with HOPE FOR THE ISLANDS: helping out with an art school, doing music, photography and hanging out with kids, January 26th through February 11th. In an effort to raise funds to get to the Philippines they have created Will Work To Go; a joint effort to trade their work for donations to go on this volunteer trip. 

You can donate here or to get more information you can visit here

With what you give, you will not only be helping them get to the Phillippines, you will also get really neat stuff! In the right hand corner of the picture above, you can see what your trade will be. 
I challenge you to give what you can, and if not through donation than through prayer. I believe in what Shannon is doing and think that many of us should challenge ourselves to do the same; get outside of the box and put others before ourselves. Shannon has used her unique gifts and talents to raise funds to go volunteer halfway around the world. She is making a difference and using her creativity to do so. I love this and I hope you're inspired to use your creativity for good!

xo. Melisa