The Mister

Well, it's Valentine's Day and I thought I'd talk about love and mushy stuff^_^ This is my Mr. whose real name is Elisha. We've been together for six years now and I must admit that I am just smitten with him. We have experienced so much of our life together that I don't know who I'd be today without him. I am so blessed to have in my life and know that we make eachother better people. cheesy? Yeah, but I don't care! He's my best friend; the first person I run to tell exciting news to, the person I share my dreams and fears with, the person I know that I know that I can share my life with {and am so excited to do!} I'm proud to stand by him and am not only encouraged by him but am pushed by him too. I love that he sees me for who I can be and not just who I am. I'm a lucky gal. 
If you have a special someone then be happy and celebrate eachother today. If you haven't found that guy yet, then give it time and pray he's as excited to meet you as you are to meet him. I know it'll happen for you and don't let today rain on your parade. Simply let it remind you that your great love will come someday and when it does it will be like every fairytale you've read.

xo. Melisa