400 Things {101-200}

Here are 100 things about me from the Mr.

1. Is the prettiest girl hands down (don't questions it it's true)
2. Has a kind heart
3. Loves to cuddle
4. Hates being cold
5. Says she hates being tickled...but I think she secretly loves it
6. She gets me
7. Loves hugs
8. She's needy
9. Is a morning person
10. Is NOT a night person
11. Gets cranky when she's hungry, tired or stressed
12. Makes me smile
13. Has soft long hands that fit perfectly in mine.
14. Reminds me of being a kid
15. Likes spontaneous surprises but wants to have a plan for everything
16. Like her head to be rubbed
17. Likes puppy breath
18. Likes spring and spring dresses
19. Likes me...but hey who wouldn't
20. Loves Chick Fil A
21. Enjoys bubble tea
22. Has an enormous sweet tooth
23. Has to have dessert after every meal
24. Can't bake
25. Makes a mean salsa!
26. Has cute toes
27. Has a cute dimple
28. Has cute fingers
29. Has cute hips
30. Has a pretty mouth
31. Likes sunny days
32. Loves when trees bend in toward each other on a long stretching road
33. Is an optimist
34. Gets angry with poor customer service
35. Hates to be away from the people she loves
36. Is tougher then she looks
37. Likes to turn her music up loud in the car
38. Enjoys road trips but never drives (yeah I'd enjoy them too!)
39. Likes to give gifts
40. Likes to dream about tomorrow
41. Wants to impact the world
42. Has a pretty voice and sing like a girl twice her size
43. Enjoys watching tv and eating popcorn.
44. Can't wait to be a wife, mother, and home owner
45. Has a cute tush!
46. Has been there for me in the toughest of times
47. Looks great in a dress or jeans and a tshirt
48. Is goofy though you wouldn't know it
49. Likes to doodle
50. Holds her writing utensil in a cute a childish way
51. Was a larger baby though now is quite the slender lady
52. Has shown me to love the world a little more
53. Can be your best and most loyal friend
54. Hates leaving things undone
55. Keeps a messy car...which during road trips can spill over into my car
56. Like flowers
57. Smells pretty
58. Has a wonderful family
59. Will ALWAYS order the flautas at a mexican food restaurant
60. Enjoys sweet tea
61. Likes to shoot guns
62. Has long arms and little elbows
63. Likes to go antiquing
64. Given the opportunity, would adopt every puppy without a home
65. Would like to someday own a puppy farm
66. Enjoys alone time
67. Loves the show Modern Family
68. Likes to take care of me...especially when I'm sick
69. Tells me she misses me everyday
70. Likes to go on dates
71. Likes to explore new places but hates being lost (which I love)
72. Can't stand rude people
73. Loves worship music
74. Doesn't like talking to people she doesn't know over the phone
75. Like to deal with problems right away
76. Is WICKEDLY spoiled
77. Has a love hate relationship with suspenseful movies
78. Loves all of the same shows I do
79. Has a car named "Lucinda"
80. Had a Dacsun named Penny
81. Has liked me since high school (the feeling was mutual)
82. Had a nerdy/awkward phase
83. Likes to play games but hates to lose
84. Believes she will receive a unicorn in heaven
85. Thinks all animals are inherently good
86. Likes to do the "peacock dance"
87. Has only dated one other guy
88. Was in choir in high school
89. Studies hard...with flashcards, and notes, and reading, and planning, and more note cards
90. Is cute when she plays tough
91. Gets territorial with her man
92. Hates milk, but likes strawberry milk
93. Can't eat spicy food
94. Can be anything she wants to be
95. Enjoys pickles and lime salt
96. Brightens peoples day
97. Is absolutely gorgeous
98. Very Forgiving
99. A perfect compliment
100. Is one of God's greatest gifts to me