Featured Sponsor: Dove Tree

Hi there!  I'm Kari, the gal behind Dove Tree Art & Design blog and Etsy shop.
I spend most of my days working from my studio in my 111 year-old house in Morden, a small town in Manitoba, Canada.
Right now, I'm working on designing a collection of womens semi/formal wear.  My inspiration comes from vintage items such as slips and lace, as well as from many many other items in soft colors and fine textures.
I'm currently obsessing over spring/summer 2011 fashion trends and have been featuring my favorite looks for the upcoming season on my blog.

Besides fashion design, I love creating art and painting especially has my heart.  
My other hobbies and passions include: photography, coffee, traveling, reading, sitting on my front porch, time spent with friends & family, antique shops, gardening... and the list goes on!