Project 365: Week Eleven and Twelve

Well I've done it again; I got behind and now must post the last TWO weeks. You don't mind do you? Okay good^_^

We found a opossum in the trash can outside the music bldg!! He was okay:)
I left for NM
I went to church and celebrated my Mom's birthday
I got to spend time with my brother and sister
We got bubble tea!!
We packed and I considered stealing Molly
It was St. Patty's Day. I wasn't wearing green so I put on a random headband

We drove through Fredericksburg and ate at an authentic German restaurant
I finally had internet and quite a few emails waiting for me
I looked at cute wedding books
I made my first purchases at Anthro
Pie N' the Sky reached 200 followers!
I bought a sewing machine!!
I crafted and worked on the new line

Which leads me to my exciting news! This week {quite possibly today} I will be revealing some new pieces for the Pie N' the Sky Spring collection! I'm so excited and I love the new styles^_^ OH and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway down below, you still have 2 days to enter!! 
I'm currently working on a pretty fun post so I'll talk to you soon. Enjoy your Saturday afternoon!

xo. Melisa