I Love... Spring!

I looooove Spring for many many many reasons, but here are a few....

1. I really love the flowers that Spring brings. They smell so fresh and they make everything look so much prettier^_^

2. Kittens, chicks and lambs?? Well, they remind me of Easter time and that takes place during Spring. But mostly I just love them^_^

3. I like the pretty colors I get to paint my nails when it's Spring. I feel much more inspired to paint them with pretty colors and patterns!

4. I reeeeally like Spring colors! The pale hues are just my favorite!!

5. I have a passion for fashion and Spring time means new styles, trends and of course pretty pretty dresses!!

Those are just  a few of mine... What are some of your reasons for loving Spring?? OH and for some reason Spring makes me so so inspired! All I want to do is make pretty things. So, I'm spending all day tomorrow working on the Spring Pie N' the Sky line, and let me tell you; it's going to be just lovely! I have quite a few pieces, and I know I promised it would be posted by this week, but I felt like I was robbing you by only putting a few pieces. I reeeeally want to to offer a full collection {cause you deserve it} so I will post it verrry soon, after I work extra hard tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend!!

xo. Melisa