Warby Parker

I heard about this company a few months ago and with my terrible memory, I forgot all about it. Luckily I came across it again and just had to share! Alright, so do you like cute glasses? I do! And I really like vintage looking glasses. You know what I like even more than that? Cheap vintage looking glasses! You  know what I like eeeeven mooore than that?? Cheap vintage looking glasses that benefit people in need! Geeze, I'm excited! SO this company, Warby Parker, sells vintage inspired glasses and with every pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. It's a beautiful thing.
Here are a few of the one's I'm interested in! I need your help though, which do you like best?? For my face...
OH and I forgot to share the best part {well, another great part...} They will send you Five pairs to try on and hold on to for five days, get your friends and family's opinions, and then have you ship the four you don't want back and keep the one's you want! All for only $95; which in my opinion is pretty great considering you're really buying two pairs {one for you, one for someone in need} I love this and I'm pretty sure here in the next few weeks I will be doing this. I'll be sure to get your feedback once I get my five in the mail^_^

I hope I look as cute as this girl^_^ hehe. Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday! And in case you haven't seen the update in the shop, you should hop on over and take a peek!