Weekend Wrap Up

Friday I went to a little thing my school calls Class Night. It's basically a time when everyone gets dressed up, goes to see a presentation of sorts and then goes out. I had never been in my three years here, so I decided to give it a shot. It was pretty fun after-all^_^

Saturday I got to go on a shoot with one of my very talented friends!! It was a blast and she got some great shots! I've still yet to see all of them, but I'll try and share a peek soon!

Today I got to go to the Antique Mall {my fave one} and I got such a great deal on some pretty fab items! Then the Mr and I went to a fun furniture place! It was nothing but one of a kind items that had the most perfect mirror ever! I didn't snag a photo of it though:( Next time!

That's all for now lovelies! Hope your weekend was eventful! Some pretty exciting things are happening this week! Namely, this month's Sponsor Love Giveaway!! OH and speaking of giveaways, I'm holding one over at Crafted Love, you should go take a peek!