Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty exciting!! It included quite a lot of animals... which I am totally alright with^_^

Friday: I went over to my voice teacher's house and rode a horse! You can read more about that here.

Saturday: I went to eat sushi with some friends to celebrate our friend Robien's birthday!! It was delicious and it was also exciting to go do something fun for awhile, instead of school stuff... 

Sunday: It was Easter!! Our church had it's very own petting zoo with a zebra! Yep, our church is pretty much amazing^_^ I had a blast petting and holding all the cute baby animals...
I was about ready to run off with that baby goat!! It kept cuddling with me and it was the sweetest!! OH and I also held a baby pig, but there aren't any pictures... It squealed/screamed the entire time, but it was the cutest thing! eee! After our church Easter extravaganza, the Mr. and I went and had ourselves an Urban Day!! I got some great deals at Urban Outfitters and can't wait for it to stop being so cloudy outside so I can wear my new dress! How was your weekend??