A Girl Day

I am so so tired and I have no idea why. Well I woke up at 6, but aside from that I don't know why. I got to help interview students for drum major positions, ha! If you know me at all then you know why that's funny. Luckily, I was there more for the judge of character and leadership abilities, which I'm a much better judge of^_^

I had such a girl day. You know what kind I'm talking about?? I went to Starbucks with two friends, then we went to the store and bought nail polish, hairspray and chocolate... Then I came home and blogged while watching My Best Friends Wedding {twice}. And ended the evening with two friends painting our nails while watching The Bachelorette. Yes, very much a girl's day until.... we watched the last quarter of the Mavs game! Who am I?! I don't watch sports. Well, I guess now I do... Go Mavs! Okay, now it's out of my system and I'm going to sleep, but not before announcing the winner of our Sponsor Spot Giveaway!!
And the winner of the Sponsor Spot Giveaway is Jelena Doll! Please email me and we will get everything in order! Thank y'all for participating, and good news is we have yet another amazing giveaway this week. I'll post it very soon. Time for sleeps. Night!