Home Sweet Apartment: Bedroom

I looove my bedroom. It's where I like to do my crafting and of course it's where I dream. I think your bedroom is where you can best express your personality. I love clean lines with pops of colors and a cozy feel...
This lamp is so so cute!! I love lamps in my bedroom because as I said, I love warm light. Lamps are also great to have by the bed if you're a late night reader like me^_^
As usual, I love little accents. I think it's really the small trinkets that have been passed on in the family or little statement pieces that share your personality to the room, that make the difference...
Ruffles really have my heart this season! I really like big fluffy comforters so it's like you're sleeping on a cloud^_^ The pink one on the top is so so dreamy!
Oh wow! It's always been my dream to have a bedroom so big it could fit a little sofa and this one is just perfect for reading or journaling. le sigh.

Yep, I think these pieces are just great! I found each one at either Urban Outiftters or Anthro. I love their mix of vintage with modern and pretty. 
My one thing I can't live without piece: Pink ruffled comforter