Pilates and Toast

So I recently {as in 3 weeks ago} got a Lifetime Fitness membership. I love love it! I'm trying to stay healthy. I don't need to lose weight, but I just want to take care of the body I have; afterall, it's the only one I have^_^ Since starting my membership I've tried out a few different classes; Hot Yoga, Core, and Fitness Pilates...
Have you guys ever done Pilates?? I used to do it with a dvd and I thought I was a pro. Well, today I went to a Pilates class and let me tell you... I am no pro! haha, but it felt good and I am exhausted now. So how did I reward myself after my workout? With Cinnamon Toast!! Yum. I have never had this before and my sweet friend Whitney made it for me. It is delicious! I think I might share the recipe on here. Have you all ever tried it before??

I'm going to post the new giveaway tonight or tomorrow; I haven't decided yet. It's a good one too!! Yay! Alright I'm going to do some laundry and watch tv with friends^_^