After hours of uploading and editing, I'm finally ready to share some photos of our mini vacation to Houston!! We did so many random things and more often than not, I left my real camera at home. SO there's lots of fun instagram photos....

We spent so many of our days hanging outside with the cats. It was fun to chit chat and listen to some tunes. My Dad has the best taste in music. And their garden is overflowing with pretty^_^

 I'm not sure why we're sad, but I have lots of photos with these faces, bahaha! Weirds. I was excited to get out of my daily routine and brainstormed lots of new things to blog about and put in the shop!

I made his and her snacks one day while the Mr worked on graphics and I blogged. I love us. Working together is so much fun.

My Dad and Mr took me to Joann's! They were so sweet holding all of my fabrics while I paroused. We got to eat shawarmas that same day. mmmm.

I love love custard and I'm so happy we got to try out a new place; it was delicious!! I had oh so much fun and wish we could've stayed longer. Donna made us home-cooked meals, we got to rest, play with cats, take photos, do a little shopping and enjoyed being away from the stresses of everyday; perfection.

Thanks for letting me share with you!