So I realized the other day that there are quite a few people in my life that I reference quite frequently, and instead of saying, "I hung out with my friend..." I could just say, "Oh yeah I hungout with Kalli" cause here in a minute you'll know exactly who that is! So I put together this little introduction so you can meet some of the more important people in my life^_^

<<     Elisha / The Mr.     >>
Elisha is my boyfriend and more often then not, I will refer to him as the Mr. Not sure why, but I started calling him that on here and now it just seems strange to refer to him as anything else. We've been dating for 6 whole years and he really is my best friend. I'm so lucky I get to go through life with him. You can read more about our story here.

<<     Kalli     >>
Kalli is one of my newest and best of friends. We met just short of a year ago and I already feel like we've known each other for years! You know those friends that just click? Well, we just click. I feel lucky that God put her in my life. She's a very talented photographer and is in fact the one who took my banner photo^_^ 

<<     Adrienne / Mandarin     >>
Adrienne is my sister. I call her Mandarin because... well, not much else rhymes with Adrienne; it was a stretch, but it works! She is more than just a sister, she's my best friend. I often go on mini roadtrips to visit her in Austin and we take photos, play with cats and watch wedding shows^_^

<<     Kelsey & Branden   >>

These two are also a couple that I've only known for a short while, but also consider some of my very best friends. We do ministry together, we eat together, we even watch movies together (most recently, braveheart). I love that they're both creative and share the same love for music and vintage as the Mr and I do!

<<     Whitney / The Barths     >>

These lovely people are the Barth's. We go to church together and I am currently living in their home; I could not be happier to have found such a loving family!! Whitney has quickly become one of my best friends and I don't know how I would survive this Summer without her. I feel so very blessed to have them in my life. Mckinley, the little lady, looks oh so cute in Pie N' the Sky headbands! My next project is to teach her how to knit!! ^_^ 

<<     My Parents     >>
My Dad and my Stepmom Donna, have made several appearances on le blog. They live in Houston and I have to admit... I have thee best Dad in the world. There, I said it. I love going to visit them and I love that they support me in all that I do!

My Mom and my Stepdad Max, live in New Mexico, where I'm originally from. My Mom is the kindest, most thoughtful person I know. I'm so lucky to have such a huge supporter in both of them! OH and she just recently got a sewing machine, so we're going to be sewing buddies^_^

<<     Michael    >>

My brother Michael lives in New Mexico as well. He's always been one of my biggest inspirations, which he may not know. He's always had a love and passion for music and has continuously pursued his dreams; I love that most about him. I look up to him a lot and consider myself one lucky sister^_^

That's all for now. There are SO many amazing people in my life and I'm sure I will add on to this list, but I just wanted to start off with these. Now you will know who I'm referring to in my stories. Yay! 

PS: I love that I chose photos  that I took. I love these people with all my heart!!