Well hello there

So I've never done this, but the other day Busy Bee Lauren did a post like this and it inspired me to share with you!  I'd like to give you guys a chance to tell me who you are so I can learn more about you and also come visit your blogs! I have had so many new readers in just the past month alone that it'll be fun to get to know some of you better so don't be shy! Here are my answers:

a. How old are you? 22

b. What is your real name, and what is your nickname? my name is Melisa, and my nicknames are Lyss, Mel, Shetland Pony, and Skinny

c. What is your hometown, and what's your favorite thing about it? I was born in Las Cruces, NM but also grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I looove love the mountains in NM and the food, oh gosh, the food! And my favorite thing about Brazil was that you could walk pretty much anywhere you needed to go and the fruit, thee best fruit ever! (I talk a lot about food, huh?)

d. What is one blog you read daily? I read quite a few daily, but I would have to say Bleubird

e. What are some of your  favourite TV shows? Oh dear. I'm afraid I watch a bit too much tv these days and though I have a wide range of favorites, there's some I'm nervous to admit to watching ha! Okay here goes, I recently started watching Bones, which I love! I like the thursday line-up... the office, 30Rock, Parks & Rec... I like Gossip Girl {guilty pleasure}, The Bachelorette {sheesh}, pretty much anything on Bravo and I'm a fan of abc family {nerd} and  I guess that's mostly it^_^
f. What is your favorite food? Mexican food!! But also chicken salad sandwiches, potato salad and humus {not all together, ew.}.

g. What was your favorite tv show growing up? I'd have to go with Saved by the Bell or Full House... or Lizzie McGuire! eeeee!

That was fun! If you want to play along just copy and paste this into the comments  and replace my answers with yours. Easy peasy. If you read my blog but don't have a blogger account you can still comment anonymously and just tell me your name in your answers. I'm excited to find out more about who you all are!