Baby you're a firework

Our city had a big Fourth of July Celebration yesterday and our church helped volunteer. It was a blast! I had the lovely job of taking pictures throughout the day. I also enjoyed a pretty amazing fireworks show; I love love fireworks. You know the ones that sparkle after they've burst?? Those are my favorites because they look like God is pouring glitter out; I think. Anywho, I got a few great shots and others that are just fun, so I thought I'd share a few of the fun... and by a few, I mean around twenty, ha! I think that's pretty good considering I took about 350... right?? I just love sharing photos!!

This last one is of Elisha and some of our students from the youth group. It has weird spots on it, but I think they're crazy and loved it, so I threw it in to show you! Also, I think it's strange that we had our church name on the car that everyone smashed... Is that weird? Yes, yes it is, but at least now people will know our name^_^ 

The Mr is taking me out on a date today and I'm so so excited! What are you doing this lovely Fourth of July weekend?? Have you signed up for the Shabby Apple Giveaway below? You should. Want to know why? Because you could win a really pretty dress. So, there. Have a wonderful day friends!