Introducing: Conversations

So, I'd like to introduce you to something that I've been dreaming up for awhile. I've always felt like there was a part of me that I didn't always share here on the blog, but it truly is such a big part of who I am, and that's my faith. I'm a Christian... I go to a bible university, I'm going to be in full time ministry, I have my credentials, my boyfriend is a youth pastor... It's a very large part of who I am. Here's the thing; I never wanted anyone to feel like they weren't welcome at my blog because they didn't believe what I believe and I never wanted to make anyone feel like I was making this about something that it's not. 

Another reason I'm not so quick to share about this kind of stuff is because God is so personal to me and I feel like our relationship should be private. Does that make sense? But, the more I try and reach out to others, the more I realize that people can learn from my mistakes, my triumphs and my everyday life. Sometimes people just need to know that they're not going through life alone. My faith has shaped me into the person I am today, so I want to share this part of my journey with you. 

I have decided to include a feature called "Conversations" here on the blog. It will include dialogue about my journey with God; things I'm learning, things I'm failing at, & things I feel like God is doing in my life. They will be open and honest and hopefully you'll get to see me for who I am; just another girl trying to live up to my fullest potential. 

My hope is that, through this feature, I will be able to identify with each of you; let you know that you're not crazy for thinking that one way, or maybe shed light to something you had forgotten, or hopefully provide an answer or understanding to something no one had shared with you before. We'll see how this goes. OH and I get that this isn't going to be for everyone. Maybe you're not interested in this at all, and that's fine. That's why it'll be a button on my sidebar, linked to it's own separate page in the world wide web, far far away from you, where it won't have to bother you if you don't want it too. ^_^

That is all. I'm excited. And I must admit, a little nervous. This is quite possibly the most I've ever written in one post, that's how nervous I am. I don't usually share a lot of personal stuff and this whole feature will be nothing but personal stuff and that puts me in a very vulnerable place and we girls, don't like to be vulnerable, but I know this'll be a good thing. Okay, now I'm done. The first one is up here. I hope you like it and I hope you still like me because I like each of you so very much. kbye.