Music Monday

In leu of my birthday, I'd like to share with you one of my most recent favorite songs. It's so pretty and special and happy. It makes me smile and want to dance or skip... maybe with a puppy in hand?? Or maybe take a pretty bikeride through a park? Whatever the scenario, this song is perfect for today.

Why I love this song // I love this song because it's pretty. haha, but really. I love the trumpets because they remind me of my brother, I love the drum rolls because they sound like something you'd hear from the sky, I love that it builds kinda the way a smile would start to come across someone's face, I love that it's smooth, yet upbeat, I love that one wrong note played towards the end of the song, I love that it makes me want to twirl in a pretty sundress, I love the words and how perfect they are for this year, I just love love love it.