Music Monday

This week's music is inspired by the Mr's Birthday {which is tomorrow} SO it was really hard to pick just one song that reminded me of him, because unlike most couples we don't really have a song. It's more like we have 200 songs! I have literally made at least 15 mixes^_^ I like to give them as gifts and I love that when we hear one of them, we know exactly where we were in our relationship at that time. It's literally like the soundtracks to our lives. Aw, how sweet, ha! Okay, so this week's song is The Lucky Ones.

Why I love this song // It's uplifting, it's catchy, and it makes me want to grab his hand and run through a park. It's kind of way inspiring and I think it's cool that it says "this moment is yours, this moment is mine and we're gonna be fine." It seemed appropriate, what with this new phase in his and our life approaches. It's just a good song. Agreed?