In high school I was awkward. I was kind of the opposite of myself today. Let me paint you a little picture... did you ever see the movie Josie & The Pussycats? Okay, remember Josie's fire red hair all flipped out?? My hair! Okay, now for clothes... black dickies, converse shoes, and any form of black and red combo, OH and also a messenger back filled with pins along the strap, lots of pins. The best part? The face... not a spot of makeup and eyes covered by thick rimmed glasses. I wreaked of geek, but somehow I managed to fit in with the cool crowd and eventually came to be who I am today around my Junior year. I grew out the hair, discovered a curling iron, embraced colors, threw on some mascara and got some contacts. With a wave of a magic wand, I was a whole new person, on the outside. Inside I was, and still am, quite awkward. All that to say that.... I got new glasses! They're kind of a throwback to my former self. I feel so nerdy, and though some have said I am now following a "trend," I wanted to be clear that I jumped on this thick rimmed glasses trend 11 years ago thank you very much aaand unlike most people, I actually require prescription lenses. It is in fact a giant pet peeve of mine when people wear glasses for fashion sake only. It just seems silly, no? I mean I get it, but I don't. I had to wear glasses for a very very long time and trust me if I didn't have to, I would not. BUT since I do have to, I might as well enjoy them.

I picked up these babies for only 16 dollars! That's right. I went on over to Coastal Contacts and snagged  up a code that got me free, yes free, frames! I only paid for shipping. Quite the steal of a deal. That is my rant and a tiny little peek into my former self. You're welcome.

xo. melisa