Too often we get caught up in the mundane and routine. We see things on a daily basis and somehow they lose their magic over time. Colors for example, are far more inspiring to me than most anything else. They are everywhere, sometimes hidden, other times bold and making a statement. But colors, are what make this world so exceptionally outstanding, because what kind of a world would we live in if everything was in black and white. Colors cannot become mundane, so often they seem to me like they have lost their luster, their magic... Let us embrace color! I used to do this feature and have since let it be forgotten; I am picking it back up and we are going to start to get excited about colors! Are you with me??

Yes, coral has my heart and always will. It's so feminine, but not overtly girly. I like that it can be soft and romantic or bright and bold. There will surely be lots of coral touches in my new home. So, what are your feelings and thoughts on coral??