Guest DIY // Deer In A Bottle

Hello Pie N' The Sky readers! I'm Tara from Deer in a Bottle. Today, I'm happy to share with you a super easy DIY art project. 

In my tutorial, I will be making a chevron pattern (because who doesn't love chevron these days?). However, feel free to make any pattern you like. That's the best thing this tutorial, it can be customized to whatever design you choose!

1. For this project, you will need canvas, paint chip colors, a hole puncher, Mod Podge, and a dimensional adhesive such as Diamond Glaze. 
2. Choose up to three colors for your project. I chose three different shades of red.
3. Punch punch punch! You will probably need more circles than you think, so make sure you have a good collection. 
4. Mod Podge a small area of your canvas. Then, stick each circle onto the covered canvas. Although it can be tedious, I recommend Mod Podging each individual circle to make sure they are evenly lined up.
5. Once every circle is glued down, squeeze a small drop of Diamond Glaze onto the top of each piece. This will create a raised bubble over each of your circles.
6. Look at that! You are all finished and now you have a beautiful unique piece of art.

Wowza! SO cute; I can't wait to try this diy out! It seems so simply, a bit tedious, but the end result is such a fun piece. Thank you Tara for sharing with us! Y'all can expect a lot more diy's and home decor posts, as I am moving out on Monday!! eeep! I have lots to get done today, but I'll be back later with another diy^_^