She Said, He Said // B & K

>> How long have you been dating and/or married? 
She Said: 3 ½ years
He Said: 3 ½ years

>> What did you think of each other when you first met? Was it love at first sight?
She Said: 
The first time we met was in between classes at UNT, he was in a huge hurry and it was super hot outside so it was more of a hi and bye meeting. Several months later around Christmas time we were able to meet again through mutual friends and I was so excited to see him and had instant butterflies. He’s so handsome : )
He Said: Well the very first time we met was just kind of in passing and I was on my way to a particularly stressful class at UNT, so I didn’t really think much of anyone, but the first time we got to sit down and talk a couple of months later, I was definitely taken.

>> What have you learned from your relationship?
She Said: 
I’ve learned that it’s much more important respect each other and compromise on things that is it is to be right all the time.
He Said:  I think I’ve learned quite a bit about compromise and forgiveness

>> Who makes the decisions in your relationship?
She Said: 
Most decisions, like where to eat or what movie to see are pretty mutual but on major decisions I would say I default to Branden
He Said: Most decisions are pretty mutual

>> When did you know you had found "the one"?
She Said: "
The One” makes me feel like I’m in a romantic comedy and not real life so I feel a little silly talking in those terms, but what I can say is that Branden is all the things I value in a man and I’m so happy with our life right now and I know I will be happy for a very long time. 
He Said: have a difficult time subscribing to the idea of a “one”, but what I can subscribe to is the fact that Kelsey compliments many of the areas where I am weak and visa versa.  That and she’s just fun to have around.

>> What is the best advice you have to offer a new couple?
She Said: Pick 
your battles. There are things worth fighting for but most of the time it’s really not worth it.
He Said: Just have fun.  If you can’t laugh with the person you’re with, it’s going to be tough

>> What was your first date?
She Said: 
We went on an awesome date, he drove an hour to my apt to pick me up and took me to Dallas to eat and go ice-skating. It was so fun and I had never been before! We skated and talked for about two hours, which must have been love because my ankles hurt after about fifteen minutes. : ) Then he drove me all the way back home and then an drove an hour to his house. I didn’t realize at the time how sweet that was, because I didn’t know he lived that far away!
He Said: Maggiano’s and ice skating

>> What are five words that describe you?
She Said: 
Tenderhearted, imaginative, protective, creative, focused
He Said: Easy-going, independent, random, art appreciate, creative

>> What are five words that describe your significant other?
She Said: Passionate, adventurous, talented, principled, witty
He Said: Caring, crafty, thoughtful, organized, artsy