She Said, He Said // M & A

>>How long have you been dating and/or married? 
Pie N’ the Sky said: 3 years as of today!! Happy Anniversary guys!

>>What did you think of each other when you first met? Was it love at first sight?
She Said: It was definitely not love at first sight. I met Mike at work about 6 months before we started dating. I thought he was cute but had heard he was quite the ladies man so I made a point to stay away from him. Honestly, I mostly ignored him until the month before I left for college. I decided what the heck, I'm leaving soon, how bad could adding another friend be? Well, obviously we didn't stay friends and the rest is history
He Said: When I first saw Allison I definitely checked her out. I am a total sucker for a girl with long legs and long curly hair. That is my weakness and she had both beautiful legs and amazing curly hair. It wasn't love at first sight but I was definitely very interested in her. But of course, she wanted nothing to do with me, and so began the chase!

>>What have you learned from your relationship?
She Said: Marry your best friend. Being such close friends has made communication so much easier and it makes life more fun!
He Said: I've matured a lot throughout our relationship. We all know girls are more mature than boys, so Allison has helped turn me into a man

>>Who makes the decisions in your relationship?
She Said: Mike does. I may be the creative brains behind many things, but I always end up asking Mike what he thinks. I've never been much of a leader. I do much better in a supporting role.
He Said: I usually make the decisions on bigger things but I always make Allison choose the restaurant and movie. She always comes up with crazy good ideas and I help work out kinks. We're an awesome team

>>When did you know you had found "the one"?
She Said: I knew Mike was a keeper by the end of our first date. Needless to say, I fell hard. I've grown up with tons of guy friends and dated my fair share of them throughout my years, but I had never met a guy I could talk openly for hours on end with. He was spontaneous, kind, goofy, smart, and was able to keep up with my go-go-go lifestyle :)
He Said: I fell hard for her after just our first date. I was pulling out every card. I did anything and everything I could to impress her. Plus it was so easy to just talk with her. There were no awkward pauses, no nervousness. Which is why I was able to relax and be able to impress her. 

>>What is the best advice you have to offer a new couple?
She Said: Communication is everything and DO go to sleep mad. Talking things out has been a godsend in our relationship. On the contrary, some fights are just not worth having. If you're mad, say "I love you" and sleep on it. If you're still mad in the morning [though 95% of the time I never am] then you can talk it out more calmly.
He Said: Love will just fall into your lap, but keeping that love and making it last takes work and dedication. It is true what they say all good things worth having don't come easy

>>What was your first date?
She Said: Mike took me to this little Hippie town in Dayton where we walked around these fun little shops, grabbed food, took lots of pictures, and then afterward we went to a farm and fed the animals. When he dropped me off we didn't want the night to end so he didn't let it. We drove to a random playground and sat on the playset talking for hours. We ended the night running through sprinklers on a golf course. IT was by far the coolest and most unique date I've ever been on.
He Said: I found out that she hadn't been to this hippy town that was just outside of Dayton. So I used the excuse to ask her out on a date. I took her for a day of pictures, to visit the dairy farm, and look at all the neat shops. She didn't want the date to end and honestly neither did I so we went to a schoolyard and sat on the jungle gym and just talked for hours. At the end of the night I laid down a clever little line to open the door for me to give her a good night kiss. She's been mine ever since.

>>What are five words that describe you?
She Said: Silly, Cluttered, Button-Pusher, Energetic, Crafty
He Said: Random, Athletic, Clean, Jack of Trades, and Nerdy

>>What are five words that describe your significant other?
She Said: Organized, Fun, Athletic, Protective, Goofy
He Said: Creative, Kind, Charitable, Funny, and Smart