Why I Make

I'm really excited to share this new feature with you called Why I Make... I've always enjoyed hearing the why behind what people do, so I thought I'd share with you why I make ____________. I'm extremely analytical and often enjoy some introspective thinking. I do things so often, that I sometimes forget why I do what I do. I think it's important to remember the why behind what we find ourselves doing or thinking on a daily basis. After writing this first post, I find that this is a bit therapeutic on my end too and hopefully it'll inspire you to ask the question of why you do the things that you do.  So, without further ado. Why I make... MUSIC.

I have always had a love for music. My Dad has and continues to be extremely passionate about music. Growing up, music was something that him and his 6 siblings all shared a love for. So I think it first came from him; my lullaby was a Cat Steven's song^_^ My brother has also had a huge influence on me as well. He is so musically talented it's truly inspiring. He began playing trumpet and the keyboard at a young age and I guess it sort of sparked something inside of me. I never attempted to play an instrument; they just didn't really make sense to me, but I knew I liked to sing. My like soon turned into love and choir became my greatest outlet for my biggest passion, music. I continued singing all through middle and high school. I attended All State and multiple competitions and as I came to my senior year, I was convinced that I was going to be an opera singer. I loved singing classical pieces, and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty good at it. God had another plan though, instead of going to New York and pursuing this dream I felt that I was supposed to go into a 9 month discipleship program called Master's Commission; this is really a whole other story in itself. Needless to say , I did not pursue my dream of becoming an opera singer, but that was fine by me because God gave me a new dream; to become a worship leader. Which, interestingly enough, I didn't even realize at the time was an actual job, ha! I did in fact decide to go to school to do just that though and in less than three months I will receive my Bachelor's degree in Music Ministry. I will have studied piano for three years, spent hundreds of hours being classically trained and having learned far more music theory than I ever thought existed, ha! All of this to say that I love music, it's my life and I love that.

Basically, I make music because it feeds a part of my soul that nothing else can. One song can bring a flood of memories back, it can make my heart ache, or bring a smile to my face. Music reminds me of people that I love, it speaks to me through lyrics and melodic lines and it allows me to convey a feeling that I couldn't otherwise. I love making music and I count myself so very blessed to be able to create something from nothing, does that make sense? You know how some people only have like a hundred songs on their laptop, or even a few hundred... I don't understand those people, haha! But seriously, I have over two thousand songs in my itunes library and that's only my digital collection. Music inspires me and motivates me to make my own. Ultimately my desire is to use my gift to direct people's attention to the one who ultimately gave me my gift. If I can do nothing else in my life than to bring God glory through making music, then I count myself lucky.
I've already shared with you my dislike for sharing my music, because I associate it with so many things in my life and it's very personal to me, but I have been getting better by sharing on Music Mondays... I really love making playlists though. I have a playlist for just about any situation in life... Road trip, crafting, brainstorming and dreaming, I had an awful day, pensive and alone with my thoughts, studying, or my favorite... it's morning let's be happy playlist; of course I have fancier titles for each, but you get the picture. Because of my love for music, I am motivated to make my own and hopefully one day I will be able to record one of my songs and share it with you lovely people. So there you have it; that is why I make music.