What I Wore // Dressing Room Edition

You know when you go shopping with friends and you go to the dressing room to try stuff on and then come out and show your friends and they say yay or nay...?? Well, this weekend my friend wasn't outside my dressing room, so I had to make the choice by myself. I did however think it would be fun if you guessed what I got (or should've got)! So I took these photos of each outfit I tried on at Anthropologie. I will tell you I purchased 3 items. Now you guess which ones!!
<< This is what I started out in... >>

<< The Arrow Skirt >>

<< The Sweet Sixties Skirt >>

<< The Wool Cape >>

<< The corduroy Flares & The Feather Shirt >>

<< The Patterned Pretty Dress >>

<< The Roja Dress >>

Oh, and ps, I named all these myself, so in case you try and find them they will have a different name, ha! Okay, so which three do you think were the winners??