GIRL TALK // The True Gem

I'm sure many of you are aware of the awesomeness that is Moorea Seal, but in case you aren't, let me introduce you. Moorea is a highly talented jewelry designer and a member of the oh so lovely Freckled Nest Design Team! She is just as sweet and kind as ever too. I feel so lucky to have met her in this little blog world & I know you will just love her! 

What is your job title? Jewelry Designer, Small Business Owner, Illustrator, Blog Designer

What do you love about yourself?  I love that I am so much like my Dad, my Grandmother, and My Great Grandfather.  Compassion, Empathy, being true to yourself, determination, passion, and justice for others are all very important to my family. I love that I am strong willed and follow through with what I set my mind to.  I love that I never gave up on what I cared about during my life despite many years of bullying and teasing.  I love that I am strong.  and I love that loving others is so important to me.

Who Is your role model?  My grandmother passed away recently and she was my ultimate hero.  She was born in the 20s, and from an early age her father instilled in her that she wasn't just equal to men, she was something incredibly special, she was brilliant woman with a wise voice worth listening to.  She was SO intelligent, incredibly giving, and so determined to always be her best self.  She was a progressive woman far ahead of her time.  She was the first woman student body president at her university in the 1940s.  She was a teacher and a community activist.  She created the first "English As A Second Language" program in the United States and helped start the first 3 bilingual schools in the LA area.  The current ESL programs running across the country are based off of her original plan.  She was on the board of the Red Cross.  She was an incredible mother and wife.  She had impeccable style and believed in always presenting her best self to the world.  She was just incredible, and I'm not even idealizing her!  My dad said he never saw her make a mistake.  I think that is because she was so smart that she knew exactly how to turn problems and mistakes into situations that would benefit her and those she saw were in need.  What a woman.

What inspires you?  People who have been through many struggles but choose to always be positive and seek beauty even in the hardest aspects of life.  People who trust they always have something new to learn.  When it comes to my design work and jewelry design, I'm inspired by anything that feels fresh and new, progressive but with a reverence for the beauty of historical designs.

What are five words that describe you? Compassionate, Patient, Creative, Progressive, Encouraging

What is your biggest insecurity? The fear of appearing to be someone I am not. 

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?  I'd want to be my great-grandmother at the turn of the century, early 1900s.  She was a suffragette!  Go girl!

How lovely is she?? I love reading her blog because she truly is so very inspiring. Not only is she well spoken, but she is seriously talented! If you haven't visited her shop, trust me you need to! AND not only is she positively beautiful on the inside but she is just radiant in these photos, which were taken by Marissa Maharaj photography. I could go on and on about her, haha! Thank you Moorea for chatting with us! 

I hope you all  enjoyed today's Girl Talk! If you would like to be considered to be one of our Girl Talk ladies, send me an email! Hope you have a swell day^_^