Living Church Everywhere

I went through a phase where I insisted that every photo I hung up be in black and white. I was about 13 and I thought it was so cool and vintage; rightfully so. I remember hanging a string across my bedroom wall and buying clothespins to hang all of b&w photos of me and my friends. It's cute thinking about it now; I think that's when I really started tapping into my creatvity^_^ 

Anywhos, here are some photos I forgot to share with you a few weeks back. My church had a volunteer appreciation dinner and even gave out trophies (like the dundees). The Mr didn't get one because he's staff, but he almost beat out Branden for the skinniest pants award; so silly! 

OH and I listed a few new pretties "from the armoire" in the shop. And I also put tons on sale!! Go take a peek^_^ I have more to list, but need to make room by clearing these out!