What I Wore // Ponies

Remember how I graduate in TEN days?! What?? Yes, I can't believe it either. I've been in a whirlwind of homework and final projects. However, I did manage to do a little blog update. Do you like? Do you miss the old look? Do you even care? I get oftly bored pretty quickly, so I like keeping a fresh new look every few months. This might drive some people crazy, but I enjoy change, forgive me. 

Here's a pretty dress with ponies that I wore while visiting Adrienne this last weekend. I managed to snag this one on sale for only ten dollars. I just love a good deal^_^

details: dress // Urban Outfitters, sweater // PINK, tights // Target, 
boots // Minnetonka, watch // vintage, scarf // H&M

We're halfway through the week. I know we can make it! Have a happy Thursday friends! OH and please go say hi to my lovely new sponsors. Thanks!