Flower Crown DIY

Sometimes a girl just needs to adorn her head with a crown of flowers! It's such a rainy dreary day that I wanted to remind myself of the sunshine of Spring so I made this pretty floral crown. It's super easy and fun to make. I made this little pretty while watching a movie.

 Supplies needed: wire (yarn wire), scissors, fake flowers, wire cutters (optional) 
1. Get all of your supplies. 2. Wrap your wire around your head to get the right size. wrap it around about three times to make it nice and sturdy. I used yarn wire that I got for a dollar at Michael's. 3. Cut off your flowers from the stem. Leave about an inch of stem to use to wrap around your crown. 4. Stick the stems between the wires of your crown. It's fun bunching them all up together. 5. Use smaller pieces of wire to secure your flowers by wrapping your wire around the stems to the crown. 6. You're done. Hooray!