Kind of like the weirdest feeling ever...

Welp, it happened. I'm a graduate! I have to admit it's the strangest feeling; like I'm happy, but sad, excited, but nervous, all of the feelings I think everyone experiences at this point in their lives. I'm anxious for nothing, but find myself extremely overwhelmed with the peace and promise that God has given me. AH! I can't believe it! haha! Sorry, it hits me every now and then ^_^

I was so happy to spend time with my family and friends. We were able to go out dinner at Pappadeaux where I of course had the crab. I love me some crab. I got wonderful gifts, including the prettiest wool cape from the Mr and a Kate Spade purse from my sister!

There weren't too many photos taken and due to lighting, most came out a little blurry. blarg.

Now that that's all over, I'll be putting a little extra time into Pie N' the Sky and more specifically, the shop! This week I'm hoping to have an update!! It's much needed and I have so many pretty new goodies to share! I know you'll love them and it's just in time for Christmas! Hooray! More details to come. Have a wonderful week!