On Graduating.

Sometimes I'm amazed that this is my life. 

It's nothing terribly grand; I'm not wealthy or famous, not living on a private island or known for great works, but I am happy and that alone is enough. 

I love my life because it is rich with blessings. Blessings that outnumber my faults, my worries, my weaknesses and my problems. They are enough.

I have learned that I too am enough. I have no list of expectations to live up to except the ones I place on myself; which I get quite bothered when I do that. I should learn to be kind to myself.

It's when I stop to appreciate who I am today and how very much I've grown from who I was yesterday, that I realize how truly incredible my God is. I would be nothing without Him.

So I say this all to say that I love my life. I don't deserve my life. I am grateful for the one who has brought me to this day. As I sit here and realize that a chapter of my life is closing and a new exciting adventure is beginning, no matter how mundane it may be to some, to me it is the chance of a lifetime and I'm excited to live it out.

Here's to today.