Floral Hanger DIY

I really like having an organized room, especially my closet. I wish I could splurge on fancy wooden hangers, but alas I have to settle for white plastic ones (womp womp). I thought it would be fun to jazz them up and make them a bit prettier. Here's a fun and super easy diy on freshening up your closet!

supplies: fabric, hangers (without hooks), double sided tape (or regular tape) & scissors

1. Cut your fabric into thin strips, about one inch wide. You'll tape down your first section and begin wrapping your fabric around the hanger. 

2. When you reach the end of your fabric strip, tape it down and tape another fabric where you left off. This is where the double sided tape is real handy.

3. Voila! You're done! It really is that easy. I did three of these in just 15 mins while watching my favorite tv show. And now my closet is oh so pretty!