life according to my iphone

Sometimes when I tweet or post a photo on instagram, I wonder what strangers think of me solely based on my words or photos. I usually talk or take pics of things I like or love; I thought I'd explain the following from this week....
I love love this photo of  me with Adrienne and my Dad. 
I really really like my Blowfish boots!

 I like my new triangle necklace I found at an antique mall, like a lot.
I love when the leaves change colors.

 My current favorite mascaras.
I love not having to wear glasses. hooray for new contacts!

 I love rewards: new mag, loofah, silk boxes, gum. I'm a simple girl.
I like doing my hur. First time in like a week.

 I like not wearing makeup and lazy days ^_^
I love new crafts!

I sure do like that face!
I am now obsessed with celery. mmmmm.

And that my friends is what my photos say about me. If you'd like to follow me via instagram, my username is 'pienthesky'. go figure.